Alpha Corporate & Commercial was formed in 2018 by Eli Davis-Ross after 10 years working as a corporate and commercial lawyer in both national and specialist boutique firms.

We are able to advise on all areas of corporate and commercial practice from small business sales and structuring to capital markets and M&A.

The design and desire behind establishing Alpha Corporate & Commercial Lawyers was to put in to practice the ‘new law’ mantra of costs certainty, risk sharing and client access.

Notwithstanding the vast marketing material of law firms in Australia, time costing still remains the primary manner in which law firms charge their clients and true risk sharing alternatives are rarely seen in corporate practice. This is where Alpha Corporate & Commercial seeks to differentiate itself and provide a true alternative option for clients.

We provide clear and concise costing and are open to exploring a variety of arrangements to help manage your legal costs without sacrificing service or delivery (including providing exclusive or limited retainer and short term corporate counsel services, fees for equity arrangements, fixed fee and component priced services, milestone and deferred billing on an agreed uplift).